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As e-commerce retailers compete, it is critical to understand what competition is doing: are they cheaper, more expensive, have they got more visual content or do they promote the same products that you have.
This could be done manually (many hours wasted), by building in-house solution (maintenance, etc.) or hiring

Solution is easy-to-use service for real time tracking and analytics of competitors’ prices and other data. All you need is to choose products and websites.

Product scans and monitors competitors’ prices. That allows easy to compare, fast react and increase sales and profitability.
There are plenty options for easier decision making:
- Reports (incl. latest prices; price leaders; list of prices that changed in last 24h…)
- Filters (by product, category, merchant, price range, …)
- Statistics (numbers of products/links, higher-lower prices, …)
- Graphics (price history, best price distribution in pie, …)
- Possibility to export to Excel, XML, PDF, …


About us

Every e-retailer dreams about real time data from his competitor’s e-shop.
PriceWisely was founded with comprehensive technology in mind and sales driven data to find.
Price optimization is always a challenge.

We would like to provide a pricing tool which helps to Price Your Products Wisely
with intelligence behind – daily and smart pricing alert.


We had 10 sales managers who used to spend a few hours each to compare our prices with competition. And it was done manually. Not only Price Wisely do it daily now, but also my sales managers can do their real job meantime.

Head of Sales
(eRetail, Scandinavia)

I have seen many price comparison tools previously, however, PriceWisely is really the one which gives me recisely what I need: pure data and insights. No messing around!

(Major eCommerce Shop, Baltics)

Improvement is always on our radar. Smart pricing alert helps us improve our revenue and bottom line as well.

Member of the board
(Major eCommerce Shop, Poland)



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